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Standing 011 the road outside the house the signand evidence that it waempty were clear and easy to see. For example:

• Tall weedhad grown up through the drive and around gates. It waobviouthat nobody wausing the drive. Car wheeland people’feet weren’t knocking weeddown and killing them. Gatewere not being opened, sweeping weedaside.

• It walate spring going into early summer. Bushe111 the front garden had grown quickly, partly blocking the front path, the lounge windowand the front door step

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• Ivy that wagrowing up the side of the house had started growing acrosthe living room window, a blatant sign that nobody wacaring for the house.

• A telephone directory had been delivered and left on the front door step, but spring ram had partly turned it into paper mulch.

• The front windows, front, door and doorstep were all dirty and dusty. Even an untrained eye could clearly see that footprint111 the dirt on the front step showed where a male (postman) had stood on the step then left. The footprintdearlshowed that nobody had come out of the house.

Overall the impression waof an unloved and unused house It didn’t take a master detective to read the clues. Even the local loutcouldn’t fail to notice -and unfortunately for the homeowner, they didn’t.

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