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Make a note of the UK anti-terrorist hotline: 0800 798 321.

If you have any suspicions, make some notes. These will help you by reinforcing your suspicionand give you something concrete to report. By making some noteyou will see if that suspicioulate-night activity boildown to a group of studentgoing out and coming in drunk every Friday and Saturday night, or if it really ia random pattern any night of the week. By making noteof numbers, descriptionand vehicles, you could talk to the police and give them those details.
If people regularly come and go and you don’t know their names, it makeit difficult for you to refer to them. For the purpose of your notes, identify individualand make a name up for them. For example, Harry ithe “30 something man” drivewhite transit A123BCD, short blond hair, alwaydrivethe white van and walkwith a limp because of something wrong with hileft leg’.

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You may also for example have identified ‘Male “Big Nose” comeon foot and hasometimeleft with Harry in hiwhite van. Big Nose hadark hair that itrimmed very short, he smokesmall cigars’. In thiway you will simplify your noteon the activities, and can say that on Tuesday at 2am Harry arrived took heavy box into flat from van, left at 6am with Big Nose. With that the police could do some discreet checks. They may find that you live opposite a brothel, or that the people who live there run a night exprescourier service. If that ithe case then nobody ihurt, but if there ia more sinister reason for the activity, the sooner the authoritieknow about it the better. If you do make notes:

Don’t let the suspectsee you watching and making notes.

Never try to get closer or take photographor go up and look through the windowof the house or any vehicle. If they are terroristyou could quickly end up dead. Your information will be more valuable to the police if the bad guydon’t know that they are being watched.

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Assons ait lookto you like something igoing on, talk to the police. Don’t wait until you see somebody deliver dynamite to the house. Report it and then step back (well back).

If you do report something that turnout to be significant, the police may want to ask if they can use your spare room to keep an eye on what igoing on. Be ready to answer them.

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If there ia report of a threat to a passenger aircraft, or American businesinterests, keep that in mind. When you go about your daily life you might not want to avoid buying a burger, but you could postpone your planto fly to New York for an anniversary weekend with your wife.

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If you keep your office and site clean and tidy, it will be easier to spot thingthat are out of place. A device could be missed among the clutter in an untidy office, so that ia lethal risk. If the office itidy, a strange bag, case or package that suddenly appearon the otherwise clear area in reception or in the public waiting lounge will be clear for all to see.
Keeping the office and premisetidy will make it easier to perform a search of the premises.

Encourage all staff to read security bulletinso that they know what ihappening.

Encourage all staff to report anything that they feel iin any way suspicious. For example, if the dustman seemto be putting a package into one of the bins, or a courier driver stopped in the main car park and may1 have put something near or under one of the cars.

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If you report anything, make a note of and report amuch detail ayou can. Reporting a driver doing something funny in the car park iof little immediate use. Reporting that the driver seemed to have a shoebox-sized package that he seemto have left near or under the blue Ford or the red Volvo in the second row of the car park near the cycle rack, ia great help. Especially if you can also report the name of the courier company, give a registration number, and provide a description of the driver and hivehicle.

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