Travel Advice And Advisories For Jerusalem

Packing – countermeasures

These are afor packing for the outward journey, plus:

Only use your own caseand bags. Be wary of casethat may have had drugsewn into them.

Alwaypack them yourself and never leave them unattended.

Never carry anything for anyone, no matter how nice and trustworthy they seem.

Never try to pack and export from your holiday destination, or import into the UK, anything which is, or you suspect to be, dangerous, illegal or restricted.

Make sure the lidof all containerof shampoo, etc. are screwed on tight.

Keep your passport, flight ticketand a warm coat to wear when you land out of your packed cases.

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Clearing Your Room

UK holidaymakerand businestravellerleave hundredof millionof poundworth of clothes, equipment, money and valuablebehind when they travel. In fact one report put the value of itemforgotten and lost by holidaymakerahigh atwo billion pounda year!

While on holiday, before you leave a restaurant, hire car, beach or anywhere else – especially the hotel room when you pack to come home – check to make sure you are not leaving thingbehind.

Clearing your room – countermeasures

When you unpack, store thingwhere you can easily find (and remember) them. If you hide your best watch under a loose floorboard you may forget it and leave it there.

• When you use the hotel safe, leave a note to remind yourself thingare in the safe. The staff may not remind you when you leave.

When you pack, methodically go over the room, villa or house checking every cupboard, drawer, store room, shelf, etc.


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