Travel Advice And Advisories For Seychelles

Infection and food workers

If you are or were recently suffering from a stomach upset and/or diarrhoea and are due to return to work which involvehandling food, call in and tell your employer before you report to work. For Health and Safety and food hygiene reasons, they may require you to have a medical checkup to get permission to return to work, rather than risk infecting those who eat the tood you handle.

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Monitor your health for a few months

Because the incubation period for some diseaseimeasured in months, you must monitor your health for monthafter you return. It any symptomappear, see your doctor asoon apossible.

Explain where you have been and voice your concerns. UK doctordon’t often see dengue fever, so if you think you have the symptoms, say so. The doctor may be able to tell you that it ifood poisoning or constipation, or you could discover that you do indeed have dengue fever. The speedier the diagnosis, the quicker and more complete the recovery.

If you were prescribed some medication abroad, awith any medication you should alwayfinish it. Don’t stop taking it because you begin to feel better. If you stop taking the medication before reaching the end of the prescribed course, any infection can take hold again.

If you are in any doubt about the medication or if you are suffering side effects, you should see your doctor. If you cannot get an appointment to see the doctor within a day or so, consider going to the local hospital.


What ITerrorism?

What one group or organisation callterrorism, another group will claim to be a legitimate strike tor independence (or whatever cause they claim). Are they freedom fighteror terrorists? Your view of terrorism will be coloured by a number of factors. For example:

• What the ‘terrorist’ group claimto represent.

• What damage they cause in pursuing their demands.

• Whether they kill or injure innocent partieor don’t care if they do.

• Whether they restrict their activitieto their own country.

• Whether the actionthey use are warranted and proportional to furthering their cause.

• Whether they have real, or idealistic and unreal demandand aims.

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