Travel Chile From Atacama Desert to Patagonian Fjords

A long narrow sliver of land clinging to the edge of a continent Chile has often drawn attention to itself for its fully implausible shape a country of geographical extremes Chile is home to the parched Atacama Desert in the North bustling cities, and vibrant beaches in the central region, and the haunting mountains, and glaciers of torres del paine national park in the south on your visit. You’ll make big discoveries as a part of a small group of travelers along the remote roads, and streets of san pedro you are bound to meet some fascinating people who choose to live, and work in the driest of desert like daniela vega who owns a farm-to-table restaurant on a walk along the dunes you just might see Camilo Silva a local resident who loves his desert home or you may run into Pamela Acosta a tour guide, and farmer. This is a place where we really feels like very close to mother earth everything is very special in this area to see something.

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So fast to see. So far away even this volcano in the back of of myself, it’s kilometers from us, and we can see him like if we’re going to touch him well. I have lived here since and I have moved from chuquicamata my native city when.

I was a child there was not a filter in the chimney of the mine. So there was a very toxic gas in the street, and then in the radio they say well you can’t go out of the house that was the not good thing to live in a copper mine. I love the possibility to have a farm that is the main main difference from San Pedro, and the mind.

I really enjoy when I can cook for others, and that we everybody share together so I know what.

I am eating. This is a typical dish of chili called – well. I love to share with my friends because.

I really really think that from the nature the meal is like our gift from Mother Earth one of Pamela’s friends in this small town is Camille a fellow guide who also grew up in this part of the world here these days. I am sorry as you know. I am better guide than a waitress Cheers.

I’m very pleased that you are at home thank you very much the landscape here the colors the sunset sunrise, and all of these things are spectacular the desert now is living in a place where the weather is kind of a stream you can go to the same place twice a day, and it’s going to be different in a heritage from the indigenous people here previously Spanish or right to South America there is the attack a minion people or we can say also the Inca people that they were living in this area, and in everywhere in this desert where you go you can see some reminds or ruins we are a very small community you always go to town, and you wave, and you say hello to everybody but. I know you know everybody Chile is. This is a very long country.

So from north to south you have many different geographic or landscape or scenery, it’s really a very a nice place to live you know supported a very woody co NASA tampoco no dependency on poor siento don’t see them no we were invented to Villa to me haha loky carries no sacral Tessier cm por ciento lo que c’est produces acute Eva yes an internal también es Chien poor siento pero Tilly salah el resto de nuit facility bull – LaDonna dari aquí por que por el tema del clima k muy extreme Oh Reb utilizes amo la havas de la casa okay. So Allahabad, and lava plateau de la ropa de Duchess tienen unos tu gente ha ha okay maintenance la mera et cetera the name of period a raggedy okay yes on tour knows de que no tiene el agua Katia treinta Y India cuándo es bueno y locales, and como nuestro fuerte guanaco la carne the the Conejo mmm el cordero like um well for today local ignition fundamental meant a here’s okay you know a lot of mucho. I can take a negative mosey on a mountain por que tal vez de repente a net rare recuerdo de alguna situation aqui en su vida no lo sé pero ESO finito man finito compartir a circus a Christian chili packs a wealth of diverse landscapes, and people into its narrow orders your local resident trip leader will give you an insider’s perspective on life in this incredible country before your adventure compare modern, and ancient cultures in santiago, and easter island then cap off your trip with our extension to exotic – Aries in a glassy Falls Chile awaits don’t miss this unique opportunity to experience an amazing country.

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