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When to go The best time for travelling in the Scandinavian countries is the summer (June, July and August), Travel jobs Scandinavia when the weather is at its warmest and in the far north the sun never disappears below the horizon, or sets only for a very brief period. Even in northern Scandinavia it can be surprisingly warm, and temperatures above 20 °C (68 °F) are not rare. In Lapland the short summer brings out swarms of mosquitoes, and insect repellents should be included in every visitor’s equipment.

Peak season varies, of course from country to country:

Denmark May to October

Southern Sweden May to October

Central Sweden June to September Northern Sweden, Norway and Finland July to August

For winter sports, March and April are the best months, since by then the days are beginning to grow longer.


The weather of Scandinavia is mainly determined by two factors. To the W of the ridge of mountains which runs down the Scandinavian peninsula, a maritime climate prevails, with relatively small differences in temperature between summer and winter and relatively high rainfall. In these regions, too, the Gulf Stream produces considerably higher average temperatures than would otherwise be expected so far north. To the E of the mountains, continental influences prevail, with lower rainfall, cold winters and sometimes surprisingly warm summers. For a more detailed account of climatic

conditions in Scandinavia, see pp. 14 and 15.


Denmark, Norway and Sweden are on Central European Time (one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time six hours ahead of New York), Finland on Eastern European Time (two hours ahead of GMT).

In Denmark, Norway and Sweden Summer Time runs from the end of March to the end of September and is one hour ahead of Central European Time, two hours ahead of GMT. Finland, during the same period, is one hour ahead of Eastern European Time, three hours ahead of GMT.

Midnight sun

Tothe N ofthe Arctic Circle (lat. 66°33′ N) the sun does not set for a period around midsummer which increases in length towards the North Pole. See the entry on the Arctic Circle, p. 59.

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