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You can save fuel when driving on highways by keeping the accelerator pedal at least 2 cm (about 3 inch) short of the “foot-down position).

The nearer to its maximum speed a car is travelling the more steeply does fuel consumption increase. A slightly lighter touch on the accelerator will make little difference to your speed but quite a difference to the amount of fuel you use.

If you wear glasses you will increase the safety of night driving by getting special coated lenses; and all drivers should avoid wearing tinted glasses after dusk and at night.

All glass reflects part of the light passing through it, and even through a clear windshield only about 90% of the light outside reaches the driver’s eyes inside the car. If the driver is wearing glasses there is a further light loss of 10%. With a tinted windshield and tinted glasses only about half the light outside reaches the driver’s eyes, and in these conditions driving at night is not possible.

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