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After walking to pick up our luggage, we were greeted by fresh air and our rented car! It was extremely comfortable. If you looking to hire a car in mauritius, we strongly recommend Soleiro Car Rental. This and the free GPS made it perfect for our hour drive to the hotel we were staying at. My boyfriend took the scenic route to the resort Angsana Balaclava Mairitius at Turtle Bay. We were astounded the entire drive by the sights and sounds of this country. Everything was beautiful. The hotel had a 5 star rating. It was immaculate and a great price. We were amazed when we booked our room for 5 nights and found out it was only $300 a night! Not only was it a fair price, but the hotel had a spa and was on a secluded beach! After checking in we immediately went to sleep to try and minimize ourjet lag. We wanted to make sure we could do everything we had researched and planned. After waking up, we went for a walk along the beach. The sound of the waves from the Indian Ocean against the sand was peaceful. I knew that we had picked the perfect destination.

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Since this was the first day of vacation we wanted to relax. Once our walk on the beach had ended we decided to explore nearby. We had researched a place called L’Aventure du Sucre. This is in Pamplemousses, Mauritius and was only 15 minutes from our hotel. After the short drive, we pulled up to a white building with amazing architecture. It took us about two hours to walk around the entire museum. Not only did we understand the history of Mauritius aftenNards, we also got to experience free sugar and rum tasting. We ate at their cafe and returned to the hotel. Around sunset we went for a swim and spent the rest of the night in our room.

The second day of our vacation, we woke up around 6:00am. After eating breakfast and packing some gear, we headed to Tamarin Falls. The falls were only an hour drive away. After we arrived we just needed to find our hiking group. Before we came to Mauritius, we bought tickets for an all day guided hike. It lasted from 9:00am to 3:00pm for only 69‚ for each of us. We even packed swimming gear because we were allowed to swim underneath the beautiful falls! They were even more beautiful in person and we got a chance to take some amazing pictures. While swimming in the falls I told my boyfriend I never wanted to leave. Once the hike was over, we spent the entire drive to the hotel talking about how amazing the Tamarin Falls were. After eating, we slept and woke up around 7:00pm. We spent the rest of the night star gazing on the beach.

It amazed me how beautiful the sky looks while laying in sand. Over the next couple of days we drove around Mauritius. While driving I was faced by one of my biggest fears. We went scuba diving! Of course I didn’t go in the middle of the ocean, but thiere were plenty of options with different depths. We chose the more shallow water that was like an aquarium! We were surrounded by water and brightly colored fish. Mauritius was the only place I would ever try this. It was the most exhilarating thing I have ever done in my life! If it was not for the kind encouragement from my boyfriend and the instructor I would have never done this. Our instructor told us that there was an event called Holi going on the next day. My friend who celebrated this regularly had always encouraged me to go. After our drive back, we planned on going to Holi for our last day in Mauritius.

We packed our bags and started the day with a quick shower. Holi had started the night before with a huge bonfire. By the time we would arrive it would be time to be showered with colors. After a short drive we were greeted with warm welcomes from locals. Some of them spoke English while other spoke French, Creole, and Hindi. We were then showered with bright colors and captured amazing pictures. We felt so welcome our entire stay in Mauritius. After smiles, pictures, and food we quickly showered and changed. It was time for us to return to the airport to go home. Spending time in Mauritius was extremely liberating. My boyfriend and I felt relaxed and at peace the entire trip. Once we arrived in Mauritius everything we experienced was well above our expectations! We now know where we will spend our next vacation, and it will be in Mauritius.

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