Traveling in Capiata

Near the Terminal

Hotel Central This clean and inexpensive hotel is a good option if you have an early morning bus departure or late night arrival. If you plan to go out downtown remember that most buses stop running at 10pm. Tel: 021 555 338, Avenida Fernando de la Mora almost at the corner of Republica Argentina (across the street from the bus terminal),, Double US$20, family room with queen and bunk bed US$36, Wi-Fi, TV, and A/C


Restaurants & Food Downtown

Lido Bar Always bustling with customers, Lido Bar offers traditional Paraguayan diner food in a 50’s diner setting. Caldo de pescado, a chowder like soup made of surubi or tilapia, with a side of fresh bread. It’s a longtime favorite, served almost continually to hungry customers throughout the day and night. Chicken milanesa is crispy and perfect and the chipa guazu is to die for. Servings are generally large, and the empanadas in particular are of gargantuan proportions. The waitress’ uniforms – tight orange skirts, matching orange and white gingham vests, and pillbox hats – add to the character of this Asuncion classic. Tel: 021 444 607, Corner of Palma and Chile opposite the Panteon de los Heroes, Mon Sat 6:30am-2am, Sun 7:30am-1am, Gs 8,000-50,000

A Crowded Place

Vying for a seat at Lido Bar’s lunch counter can be a blood sport, especially if you are in a group. The trick is to find someone who looks like they are almost finished and stand directly behind them. This can involve a lot of vulture-like hovering and eye darting, but it well worth it to watch the waitresses call out orders loudly and swirl around each other in a blur of orange and white.

Zampanos The best pizza in Asuncion prepared in a cute, intimate setting. Start off with a piping hot focaccia, and move on to their delicious paper thin crusted pizza. Accompany the meal with Zampano’s homemade limoncello served ice cold. If you have room for dessert, try the deliciously rich dulce de leche ice cream. Tel: 021 222 383, Brasil 1193 and the corner of Rodriguez de Francia, Wed-Sun 7pm-12am, Gs. 12,000 -50,000

El Bolsi Another Asuncion classic, Bolsi serves up Paraguayan food as well as American comfort food – burgers, chicken fingers, tuna melts, and even chocolate chip cookies. Vegetarians will be happy with the selection of salads (Ensalada Campechana with grilled vegetables and slices of fresh mozzarella cheese is a good one) and vegetable quiches or tartas (tarta de zucchini is good). Rich and creamy mousse de mbaracuya is an excellent dessert, as is the waffle completo. The air conditioning can make this place tempting even if you’re not hungry, and the outdoor patio can be pleasant once Asuncion’s traffic has died down for the night. There is a formal dining room next to the diner with the same menu. Bolsi also delivers. Tel: 021 491 841, Corner of Estrella and Alberdi,, open 24 hours Gs. 10,000-50,000 ”

Bar San Roque One of Asuncion’s oldest restaurants, Bar San Roque has been a favorite hangout of the city’s cultural elite for many decades. The tiled floors, dark wood, marble top bar, and bow tied waiters create an ambience reminiscent of a bygone era. Thick cut milanesa de surubi (breaded and fried catfish) is an excellent option. Tel: 021 446 015, corner of Eligio Ayala and Tacuary, 8am-3pm, 6pm-12am, Gs. 20,000 -60,000

Burger King A choice for those craving fast food or American-style salads. Tel: 021 498 368, Palma between 14 de Mayo y 15 de Agosto, Shopping del Sol, and Mall Excelsior (corner of Chile andManduvira),, Gs. 10,000-30,000

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