Traveling in Hobart


Once the domain of the humble mobile library bus, recyclibrarians are bringing books to the people of Tassie in ways unexpected and delightful. As more permanent bookshops vanish one by one, their cosy literary nooks pop up like a ballerina in a music box. One day it’s in a public carpark, the next it’s down by the docks. Splendid in self-assured tweed, they’ll entice you with tea and homemade cakes, but their real passion is stacked alphabetically on wheeled-in wooden shelves and sturdy library desks.

Their mission: circulate those pre-loved books; share the joy of a good tale; and gently startle the consuming mass into reading, re-reading and remembering written words on paper pages compiled between covers that you can hold in your hands. All booksellers themselves, the recyclibrarians – Paige Turner, Dewey Decimal, Dusty Provenance and Miss Wimple – are thoughtful curators. Valentine’s Day offers a convenient excuse for poetry and love letters, conceived sweetly on a red Valentine Olivetti typewriter, while the annual Hobart Zombie Shuffle inspires a slightly more brain-sucking collection for those with a penchant for the sinister.

Join their mailing list for the library-appropriate whisper on where they’ll be stamping out next, so you can return your book (fine-free guaranteed), borrow another or donate any unwanted Franzens for an unmet friend to marvel over. Check their blog for details of future happenings, and get on board the recyclibrarians mobile library bus (well, not literally).

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