Trip Ro Mongolia Gobi Desert – Culture of Mongolia – Mongolia people

Exploring this open country in the heart of Asia what can be learned about the traditional mongolian way of life, and the recent rapid waves of change here you Mongolia is the most sparsely populated country in the world roughly % of its people are nomadic or semi-nomadic Mongolian yurt is designed to be easily packed up, and moved with a family, and their animals Mongolian nomads still manage more than million animals, and spend much of their lives in search of strays there are almost no fences in the entire country that’s. How the catcher you know the kids learn to start learn to ride horse when there are three four you know three four five and I found that visiting the Nomad families was really really interesting never tried it before but.

Trip Ro Mongolia Gobi Desert – Culture of Mongolia – Mongolia people Photo Gallery

I did it successfully today was pretty easy. I wouldn’t want to do it forever though hold on well. We’ve been introduced to a whole different landscape a whole different people, and style of living, and we know that in Mongolia the kinds of things we’re experiencing here may not last too much longer.

So we feel we’re very fortunate to be here right now at a time when things are still going on the way they have been for quite a while nomadic cultures untamed landscapes both await in today’s Mongolia from the bustle of Poulin Betar to the vast expanse of the Gobi Desert make yourself at home while exploring Mongolia’s diverse land, and culture.

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