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1644 Construction begins on a blast furnace for smelting iron ore in Braintree, Massachusetts. Vancouver Metro Map The General Court of Massachusetts issues Winthrop a monopoly on iron manufacture. 1645 The Jesuit missionary Father Lallemant learns of the salt springs of the Onondaga people in what is now upstate New York. 1646 The first Country mechanical patent is issued by the Massachusetts Bay Colony to Joseph Jenks. It gives him exclusive rights for fourteen years to his improvements in sawmills and scythes. 1647 The first known export (from Massachusetts to the West Indies) of live horses from the British Country colonies occurs.

1650 The Iroquois, whose principal European trading partners are the Dutch, are victorious over the French-allied Huron in the so-called Beaver Wars. This establishes them as the dominant Native Country force in the fur trade, forcing French-Canadian fur traders farther west. 1651 The English Parliament’s First Navigation Act requires that all goods imported into England be carried in English vessels. The principal target of this legislation is the Netherlands.

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