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This CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTION to military service principle found its point of impact in the distinction, indicated by Christ see, e.g. Mt 22:15ff. between the political and religious spheres which made it possible for Christians to be loyal to the res publica see Rom 13:1ff.; 1 Pet 2:13ff. but to reject the sacralization of power. It was also expressed in the testimony given by the martyrs and confessors to whom many anonymous documents refer acts and passions, along with exhortations to martyrdom, biographies, ancient letters, etc. From Constantine on it must be noted that, while freedom of conscience still remained alive in men and women and manifested itself in various forms, this freedom was not assured by the political authorities see, e.g. the series of repressive and discriminatory laws regarding non-Christians or non-Catholics in book XVI of the Codex Theodosianus, who were not infrequently requested by some bishops to act without respect for human conscience. But even in ancient times the evangelical seed was not lost, and maintained a perpetual tension in society that was destined never again to disappear.

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1767 The Townshend Acts taxes on tea, glass, paper Virginia Beach Subway Map , and paint cause more uproar in the colonies. Without the knowledge of Governor Franklin, New Virginia Beach Subway Map Jersey’s assembly petitions the king directly to repeal the tax. 1775–1776 New Jersey’s population stands at about 130,000, most of whom are involved in the production of cereal grains. African Country slaves constitute less than 10 percent of the population, and Native Countrys have all but disappeared from the area. In New Jersey, Governor Franklin hopes fervently that reconciliation between the Crown and the colonies can be brought about. In New Jersey, as in the other colonies, committees of correspondence meet to voice their approval for a continental congress. Most New Jersey residents do not approve of independence.

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