A Trading Company with a Difference

A Forex Trading Company offers an up-to-date program to trade in metals and currencies. It also provides derivative trading in the form of CFDs on shares, indices and energies. Admiral Markets in existence since 2001 has expanded globally with administrative licences and branches in UK, Australia, Cyprus and Estonia and throughout continental Europe.

The Objectives – What the Company offers

Its principal focus is on Forex MetaTrader using 145 instruments that include fifty-five forex pairs and 90 CFDs. Five of these are on cryptocurrencies. Traders may select from a number of well-known retail trading programs on offer. Admiral Markets offers exclusive aspects like the MT4 Supreme add-on and also volatility protection tools. Besides the MT4 you can also choose the MT5. Both allow automated systems of trading. There are some traders that want a bigger product offering and they will select the MT4 account. Those who want to trade in forex exclusively will choose the Admiral Prime MT4 account. This one offers nine pairs more and consists of a group of 20 custom indicators and 12 expert advisors. The volatility protection tools aid in controlling risks from actions of the agency that include slippage and market gap settings. In the Company, you are permitted to carry out a trade of 0.01 as the minimum trade. This may differ according to the type of account you have. You are allowed to carry out a maximum trade of 200 lots. You have the advantage of getting tight spreads and transparency about what you pay to carry out your trades.

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Fundig and Accounts

The Company works with three kinds of accounts having a number of fees and products to trade. Nevertheless, the fees are similar across all three accounts when you include spreads and commissions in the total trading cost. All orders in the Company are routed to the parent company Admiral Markets SA which is its only liquidity provider. Some of the well-accepted funding methods the Company offers its traders are Credit cards; Bank Transfer; Skrill; Payoneer and Neteller. The Company, like very few other brokers, do not have your trade orders quoted at a different price to what you implemented it at.

Research Tools

The Company offers a variety of market devices and facilities for the purpose of research. They have a number of sections and include analysis. Traders can easily find what they are looking for. They have market heat maps, basic and technical analysis content sections, Elliot Wave Analysis and devices of multiple sentiments. It has also added to its own offering by including AutoChartist – a well-accepted group of devices to recognize patterns. This greatly improves what it has to offer by way of research and is accessible on its Markets account. In this area of research, the Company has done very well for itself and has gone ahead of the standard news section of MT4.

A Trading Company Has Eight Computers

Mobile compatibility

You can get the MT4 or MT5 apps directly on your mobile, on Android and iOS. It will depend on the account you have in the Company. These are available from MetaQuotes Software Corporation on Google Play and Apple’s app store. The Company’s mobile app and trading platform come from the same developer. But unlike on the desktop where add-ons can be incorporated into other programs to improve the overall functioning, mobile apps are standard.

Opening an Account

An account can be opened in the Company wherever it has administrative jurisdiction, such as Estonia, Cyprus, the UK, and Australia. It qualifies under MiFID regulation to trade in Europe. The Company is overseen by the Financial Conduct Authority and therefore to become a client of the Company you need to get passed some fundamental checks to ensure that you grasp the risks involved in trading and that you are permitted to trade. You need ID proof and three months statement of a utility bill or bank statement for proof of address. You will also need to give some time to answer some questions to know the level of trading experience you may have. Once this is done, you will be able to explore the Company’s platform, but you will not be able to trade till you obtain compliance. This may take a number of days depending on your case.

Educational Activities

One of the strong points of the Company is its wide range of educational activities on offer for its clients on various aspects of the trade. Webinars and seminars are organized with a view to giving traders deeper and better insights into all the aspects of the trade. You will also find rich collections of articles on CDFs and Forex. Topics cover a whole range of subjects under headings such a Forex Basics, Forex Analysis, Forex Strategy, Forex Indicators, Trading Psychology, Trading Software, Automated Trading, DAX Trading and Trading Instruments.

A Trading Company Profile

To avail of the educational opportunities of the Company, you need to have a Trader’s Room Account or a Demo Trading Account.

Free Demo Account

If you are new to forex or want to test a strategy you have, and don’t want to commit to an account, you can open a Free Demo Account with the Company. You can experience the live market without the fear of risk. When you sign up you get the freedom to trade on any device; the experience of the market that is live; virtual funds; a quick start guide and 30 days of free trading.

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Club Membership

The Company offers its traders membership in Admiral Club. As a member, you can earn Club points. This will be in proportion to the amount of your completed trade. These points can become funds and can be put into your own trading account. The more trading you do, the more points you accumulate in your account. And the more funds you accumulate the more opportunities you have to trade and profit from the market. The points are awarded for lots. 100 points are given for each full lot of each closed trade in the Forex market. Membership is given free of cost on registration to the trader’s room.

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