All For A Dollar US Map & Phone & Address

All For A Dollar US Map & Phone & Address

• 95 Summer St. Boston; (617) 426-4008

• Assembly Square Mall,

Somerville; (617) 629-0121

• Arsenal Mall, Watertown; (617) 924-4265

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This is one of the better-quality dollar stores. Of course, you know the price; the stock includes hardcover books, hair products, snack foods, stationery, sewing and knitting, party supplies, accessories for pets, cooking and cleaning stuff, toys, socks, “Barney” underwear .

It has probably the largest food selection of any of the dollar stores, and has more brand names than most.

You’ll find Revlon nail polish, Gerber baby food, Pepperidge Farm and Keebler cookies, Del Monte foods, and more. Open daily.

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