Kupel’s Bake and Bagel US Map & Phone & Address

Kupel’s Bake and Bagel US Map & Phone & Address

421 Harvard St. Brookline; (617) 232-3444

So many restaurants make a proud point of featuring Kupel’s bagels. So go to the source, near Coolidge Corner where you can get a baker’s dozen for $4.60, hot from the oven, in about twenty varieties from poppyseed to Tomato Veggie Onion. Better yet, peruse their day-old rack. This includes bags of eight bagels for 950, depending on when you check it Usually they have the most popular flavors poppyseed, sesame, pumpernickel. Eight fresh ones would cost you three bucks or so; but when they start out as good as this, yesterday’s batch is still terrific.

Good pastries, too. Open daily from 6 a.m. to 11 P.M.

Just a few doors down, by the way, is longtime rival Eagerman’s Bakery at 415 Harvard St; telephone (617) 566-8771. They also have great bagels, as well as loaves (which Ku-pel’s no longer bakes). They offer a half-dozen day-old bagels for 700, and various loaves for around a dollar. As the smaller of the two, they frequently throw in an extra bagel or pastry. Open from 7 a.m. to 10 P.M. every day.

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