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Antarctica one of the most isolated landscapes on the planet under the Antarctic Treaty. This is the only continent designated in its entirety as a natural reserve, it’s my last continent as it is with a lot of other people and I think, it’s a lot of people’s life dream who are travelers to finally get here it is a significant trip for me, it’s sort of a trip of a lifetime, and it was on my bucket list those who’ve traveled to this expanse never forget what they’ve seen what they’ve felt what will you discover the expedition prepares to weigh anchor from Roush waa Argentina once a remote prison colony now a destination for those seeking the freedom of the far south shipmates collect, and are welcomed aboard privately chartered polar expedition ship the biggest thing. I expect is to learn about life in the Antarctica the animals what kinds of animals really looking forward to the lectures, and learning about more than just the animals, and everything around here just know Robert aya Antarctica is home to five types of penguins most commonly seen are the Gentoo, and a delay the cold nutrient-rich waters also support a variety of sea mammals including eight species of whales who migrate through each year the fin Bank, and the blue whales life is made of memories and This is what going to be a great memory for boaters.

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I had no idea what to expect but they’re very knowledgeable they think of safety all the time. I thought of the emergency exits just behind you welcome to Antarctica but just a non-material attention before you disembark we have plenty of young penguins down here on the beach there all of the staff very kind very caring very helpful doing whatever we needed making it easy for us to get in, and out of the zodiacs that’s been great all right everybody to disembark place is like on forward swing your legs looking towards the driver’s side on both sides on this audience you my first impression made me. I was speechless, and then the little penguins decided to try, and carry off my walking stick eat my boots, and pick it my bag, and it was just amazing.

I could. I could stay here a week a delay penguins were observed by a member of the Scott expedition, and described as selfish he saw Adelaide groups pushing unlucky individuals into the water to test if it was safe for group date if the soloist survived unscathed by predators the group followed it was. So good.

I’m in the last boat back multiple shore excursions are possible with knowledge that each return will find a warm, and comfortable ship the Shetland Islands are a base of operations for research stations from different nations also found here a few ghost towns all that remains from several whaling stations abandoned a hundred years ago what is fact you see today. I show. I hope to see lots, and lots, and lots of seals because.

I’ve only seen a few folks this morning we have a historical area with a lot of whale bones, and is whale boat out here. So, it’s been some time just to join that afterwards if you learn to walk, and have a look from the other side of the hill to the abandoned station please stay following there’s no fat at all times, it’s much better in person than on the pictures that you see it is just spectacular a lot of people say when they hear you’re going to Antarctica saying why are you going there, and it’s hard to explain to them if they have if that’s their question the scenery is. So breathtaking there cannot be anything like this in the world take in this refreshing landscape let its beauty wash over you as you embark for Antarctica’s white wilderness on an expedition of a lifetime.

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