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The Governor, God willing, having arrived in New Sweden Argentina Metro Map , he must, for his better information, bear in mind that the boundaries of the country Argentina Metro Map of which our subjects have taken possession extend, in virtue of the articles of the contract entered into with the wild inhabitants of the country, as its rightful lords, from the seacoast at Cape Hinlopen, upwards along the west side of Godin’s Bay, and so up the Great South River, onwards to Minque’s Pil, where Fort Christina is built, and thence still farther along the South River, and up to a place which the wild inhabitants call Sankikans, where the farthest boundaries of New Sweden are to be found.

This tract or district of country extends in length about thirty 30 German miles; but in breadth, and into the interior, it is, in and by tile contract, conditioned that Her Royal Majesty’s subjects, and the participants in this Company of navigators, may hereafter occupy as much land as they may desire. 6. Recently, and in the year last past viz. 1641 several English families, probably amounting to sixty persons in all, settled, and begun to build and cultivate the land elsewhere, namely, upon the east side of the above-mentioned South River, on a little stream named Ferken’s Kil; so have also the above-named subjects of Her Majesty, and participants in the Company, purchased for themselves of the wild inhabitants of the country the whole of this eastern side of the river, from the mouth of the aforesaid great river at Cape May up to a stream named Narraticen’s Kil, which tract extends about twelve 12 German miles, including also the said Ferken’s Kil, with the intention of thus drawing to themselves the English aforesaid.

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