Beacon Street Bicycle US Map & Phone & Address

Beacon Street Bicycle US Map & Phone & Address

842 Beacon St, Boston; (617)262-2332 This small shop is jam-packed with new bicycles by such makers as Trek,

Univega, and Sterling, at prices of 10% to 40% off. Better yet, Beacon usually has a lot of last year’s models on sale at extremely good discounts. These can save you as much as $100 a pop; poke around. They do repairs as well. Open Mondays through Fridays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturdays 10-4.

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Some good cod and large colourful ballan wrasse can be seen under the reef’s overhangs and there is the occasional crustacean for the pot. Visibility is never very exceptional in the shallow depths and the tidal stream is fairly strong, especially on the spring flood, but there is plenty of shelter behind the reefs. A surface marker buoy should be used, because you can end up a long way from the boat at the end of a dive. This reef is the end of the Black Skerrs, which runs out from the land at Snipe Point and is parallel to Castlehead Rocks; it is, though, much shorter than they are. On the northern side of the reef there is a high underwater cliff face leading down onto huge boulders with lots of long deep crevices, tunnels and overhangs, many of them so long and deep that it is impossible to reach anything inside. Large cod, conger, ling and ballan wrasse are commonplace, along with lots of squat lobsters, a few crabs and the occasional lobster. Where the reef submerges below the surface at low tide, it splits into two reefs, one going straight out to sea and the other curving southeast. The highest and longest reef is the one going straight out, about 300 metres long. It remains a cliff face most of the way but the current is a lot more noticeable at the end of the reef. On this dive, as on the one above, a surface marker buoy should be used.

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