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After Fabian’s death, 14 months passed before it was possible to elect a new bishop. The community, tested by Decian’s persecution, preferred Cornelius to Novatian, who had directed it during the papal vacancy. After some hesitation, Cyprian entered into communion with Cornelius, praising his goodness, prudence and humility Ep. 45,2-3; 48,1-3; 55. A synod of 60 bishops approved his mild position on lapsi, excommunicating Novatian. Cornelius communicated this to the bishops of Alexandria, Antioch and Carthage. We have two letters to Cyprian Ep. 49 and 50 and a fragment of one to Fabius of Antioch which, besides the question of penance, touched on the organization of the Roman community Euseb. HE VI, 43; Mirbt, n. CORNELIUS the CENTURIAN. Of the cohort called Italica, at Caesarea; his story is in Acts 10. From the 4th c. Cornelius’s baths and house at Maritime Caesarea were shown; a basilica was built above them CCL 175,13. 116. 152. On 2 February the Mart. hier. mentions a certain Cornilianus. In his martyrology Ado claims that this is the centurion; the Synax. Eccl. CP cites him on 13 September. Mentions of his episcopate at Caesarea in Palestine Apos. Con. 7,46 and of his apostolate at Skepsis in Mysia on the Hellespont BHG 371 are apocryphal, based on traditions unknown to us. Cornelius’s tomb has been located at Caesarea and at Skepsis.

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The British Parliament declares both the Land Bank and the Silver Bank illegal. Baltimore Subway Map This act extends the 1720 Bubble Act’s prohibition of forming joint-stock companies from Britain itself to the colonies. 1744 Benjamin Franklin gives a model Franklin stove to the iron founder Robert Grace; he helps publicize the new stoves when they are built. In South Carolina, Eliza Lucas harvests her first successful production crop of indigo. 1746 An Address to the Inhabitants of North Carolina on the Want of a Medium in Lieu of Money is published in Williamsburg, Virginia. 1747 A land speculation company, the Ohio Company, is organized in Virginia to claim lands west of the Appalachians. 1749 The British Parliament agrees to subsidize colonial indigo.

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