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1629 The directors of the West India Company authorize the Vryheden Beijing Map Tourist Attractions (or Charter of Freedoms and Exemptions), a document that creates the basis for the patroon system Beijing Map Tourist Attractions . Qualified shareholders could earn the title of patroon (patron) by transporting at least fifty settlers to New Netherland. Patroon status confers upon its holder an extensive grant of land (4 leagues over 70 miles in length), as well as seigneurial privileges (judicial and administrative powers) within that grant and limited access to the fur trade.

Several patroonships will be established during the 1630s, but the only one that will have any measure of sustained success will be Kiliaen Van Rensselaer’s Rensselaerwyk. 1638 In March, the colony of New Sweden is established with Fort Christina at Cape Henlopen on the Delaware Bay. The expedition of Swedish and Dutch settlers is commanded by Peter Minuit, who had left the service of New Netherland in 1632 and is now employed by the Swedish and Dutch sponsors of the colonial venture. In the next four years, subsequent expeditions sponsored by the Swedish Crown will add a small number of settlers to New Sweden, which will become a Swedish royal colony in 1642.

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