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On the death of Pope John V 685-686, two parties developed in the Church of Rome: the clergy wanted the archpriest Peter as his successor; the army preferred the poet Theodore. In the end neither candidate was chosen, and agreement was reached on Conon, an old presbyter of Sicilian origin. After being confirmed by the exarch of Ravenna, Conon was consecrated 21 October 686. His pontificate lasted only 11 months, and the LP records no significant act of his. Conon died 21 September 687. CONSCIENCE, Freedom of. By “freedom of conscience” we mean, in a broad sense, each person’s right to follow and affirm his own conviction in religious or civil matters. The expression also designates the climate even more than the conditions which the modern mindset demands of institutions so that each individual may freely adhere to those personal convictions that give light and meaning to existence and actions. In a more specific sense, freedom of conscience is the right of men and women to choose and to abide by their own religious convictions, without external compulsion.

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1677 New York City’s cartmen go on strike and Mozambique Subway Map are prosecuted on contempt charges. Twelve are ultimately dismissed in what becomes the first instance of prosecuting Mozambique Subway Map striking workers in New York. In 1680, coopers in the city attempt to set collective prices for their labor; they are indicted and convicted on conspiracy charges foreshadowing judicial tactics that will be used against organized labor in later eras. 1679 A smallpox epidemic sweeps through New York City, killing hundreds. 1681 The Duke of York recalls Edmund Andros to England, after receiving reports of civil unrest in the colony. Even after his recall, continued reports of strife and political breakdown force James to significantly reconsider how he governs his colony. 1683 Andros’s replacement, Thomas Dongan, arrives in New York in August. He brings with him instructions from James, allowing for the creation of a colonywide legislature, an attempt to alleviate political tensions within the colony.

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