Sao Paulo Subway Map

Jessica continued, “Can you tell us what’s one of your favorite meals?”

That’s when the K2 hit again, its lights flashing rapidly. “Woah,” Bev whispered. “What’s going on?”

Their questions continued as EMF levels randomly fluctuated. Bev, Dawn and Jessica began to suspect the levels may come from a natural rather than supernatural cause since field variations didn’t respond to specific questions.

They discovered the likely cause of the high EMFs when the furnace turned off and the heat stopped flowing from the registers. That’s when the EMF levels immediately dropped to zero and remained there.

Though Dawn had checked levels at all the heat registers before with no EMF changes, there was likely something associated with the furnace running that affected the electromagnetic fields. Lorena and I would later confirm EMF levels did elevate when the furnace started.

Dawn checks EMF levels.

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