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The authors began their paranormal journey as skeptics. Today they know that in many cases there is something out there that cannot be explained. Something paranormal.

They continue their search into the unknown.

Paranormal Investigative Teams

In our Haunted Travels book series, we frequently work with a paranormal team during an investigation. Over the years we have interviewed numerous paranormal groups. The teams we work with demonstrated a true commitment to the field of paranormal investigation. They consistently used sound methods and objective analysis in the collection, review and identification of paranormal evidence.

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She was a 493.75-ton schooner-rigged passenger/cargo steamer and was launched as the Uman (Official No. 659) for Umans Angbatsbolag, Umea, Sweden; E. Haggstrom, Umea was the manager. The iron four-bladed screw was powered by a 100-nhp two-cylinder compound steam engine that used one boiler. W. Lindbergs manufactured the engine and ancillary machinery. The designated code recognition signal letters were: HKQG. In 1876 she was registered to A. Grahn, Umea.

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