Best Travel Destinations Around The World

Best Travel Destinations Around The World

What you are seeing is the circle of life – me, the once little, barefoot, backwoods, black boy, then a grown man proudly carrying my bundled up little black son in my arms in a big city.

You visualise a man walking with a noticeable degree of confidence, even as he went to the airline desk to my blog the ongoing flight to British Columbia where his younger sister – who had trained and worked in England as a general and psych nurse – had migrated to with her Barbadian spouse with similar qualifications, job expertise and experience.

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It took about an hour and a half less flying time to Vancouver than from Barbados to Toronto; but, our excitement had intensified, beginning with our first family restaurant meals in the terminal building.

Boarding through a chute was also a first and a big boost; but, that could not surpass the thrill that the family got when we walked outside the Vancouver terminal and into tall dunes of freshly fallen, soft, white snow.

In all, we had flown nearly six hours from Barbados to Toronto; and, then, just a little over four hours from Toronto; but, our excitement far surpassed the negatives associated with long flights and layovers.

My story is not one of bragging. Instead, it’s my way of trying to motivate you to give up on the life you know – the one that’s most probably devoid of any significant travel; and, to embrace a new, more fulfilling, invigorating and stimulating lifestyle.

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