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Mucker Lake-Border Route


2.5 Trail intersection with the Border Route Trail. This intersection is marked with blue ribbons and a small rock cairn. Also, a small sign indicating the Border Route Trail is nailed to a jack pine at this intersection. To continue the circuit, turn left on the Border Route Trail. The trail soon comes to and passes along the north shore of Mucker Lake.

2.9 Stream crossing at the northwest corner of Mucker Lake.

After crossing the stream, turn left and continue up stream. In about 150 feet, the trail turns right, climbs the steep bank, and enters a small grove of old pines overlooking Mucker Lake. In the grove, the trail turns sharply to the right.

3.4 Overlook providing glimpses of Dunn and Sock lakes.

3.7 Spur trail on the left leads to a campsite on the north shore of Sock Lake.

4.0 Border Route Trail turns sharply to the left.

4.4 Trail intersection; turn left and descend to the Mucker Lake Trail, leaving the Border Route Trail which continues straight ahead. The trail descends quickly to the valley floor and crosses a small stream before reaching the Mucker Lake Trail.

4.7 Trail intersection; turn right on the Mucker Lake Trail and retrace your steps to the trailhead.

5.4 Trailhead.

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