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Mark welcomed us with a warm handshake. A bit of gray hair peppered his temples and lent a distinguished, confident demeanor to his friendly smile. He then excused himself to greet the arriving minister and demonologist, G.P. Haggart.

Melanie took us to Mari, who stood quietly behind the counter of the antiques shop. The corners of her mouth quirked upward and she extended her hand on our approach. It was an honest, open smile that revealed a woman with a kind heart and gentle nature. Dark shadows brushed beneath her eyes and faint lines of tension creased her forehead belying a woman in stress.

1757 Governor Reynolds, a victim of his own political inexperience Boston Map and excessive favoritism shown to his friend William Little, is recalled to England for examination by royal Boston Map authorities. Lieutenant Governor Henry Ellis, a noted scientist and naturalist, assumes acting command of Georgia until he is officially elevated to the governorship the following year.

1758 After much debate and opposition, the Georgia Assembly establishes the Church of England as the official church in the province. 1760 Complaining that the hot Southern air has reduced his health, Henry Ellis leaves Georgia and soon obtains a posting as governor of Nova Scotia. Lieutenant Governor James Wright assumes command of the colony and is officially named to the governorship the following year. Wright will be the third and final governor of the Georgia colony.

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