Boston Red Sox Bleachers US Map & Phone & Address

No, Mine can’t get you into the Sox game for free though don’t forget that many of the big sports arenas and stadiums do have ticket prices that start around $10. One cheaper alternative is college sports; there are highly competitive schools throughout Boston, and many have very affordable prices for football, basketball, hockey, and many more. There are often many different sports locations on each campus; the ticket offices, at the phone numbers listed below, can give you all the details.

Boston Red Sox Bleachers

Fenway Park, 4 Yawkey Way, Boston; (617) 267-1700

No matter how the Sox are doing in the annual pennant race, tickets for their games are always at a premium. Fenway Park, one of the few original baseball parks left, is on the small side and so most games sell out. Ticket prices nudge themselves up a few dollars every season. But you can always save a few bucks by sitting in the outfield bleachers, which cost about half of the box seat prices; this past year, that meant $8, as opposed to $16. Buy them in advance at the box office or right before the game from windows along the back of the stadium, on Landsdowne Street.

When games are sold out, a limited number of standing room tickets are made available at the $8 price; since there are often no-shows, you can sometimes get in cheaply this way and then try to find an empty seat Be nice about it though, if the real ticket-holder comes along late!

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