Bourbon House, located near the corner of Bourbon and Iberville, offers a welcome change from the neon located just outside its doors. Golden lanterns soar above the bar, which seats twenty-two bourbon-loving patrons. Guests can sample over one hundred brands of American whiskeys, including bourbon, rye, and Tennessee whiskey. I recommend trying one of their flights, a nice way to move across their list and still stay on your feet. But Bourbon House also makes solid, classic whiskey cocktails, as well as their own versions of city favorites like the Streetcar a riff on the Sidecar made with bourbon and creme de cassis. Is it hot outside? Do you want something to cool you off? Instead of imbibing one of the lurid, frozen concoctions just down the block, try the house specialty, the Frozen Bourbon Milk Punch. It’s a bit sweet for me, but an extra shot of bourbon adds balance and bite.

It’s worth taking two minutes to join the New Orleans Bourbon Society (NOBS). Your free membership gets you a free pour of the bourbon of the month, which you can sample on the spot. The card invites you to sample all of the bourbons proffered. I’m not sure what the trophy is for completing the task, but I kind of want to find out.

A bartender puts the finishing touches on an Old Fashioned at Dickie Brennan’s Bourbon House


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