Brenner’s Party Supply Store US Map & Phone & Address

Brenner’s Party Supply Store US Map & Phone & Address

31 Osprey Rd. Saugus; (617) 231-0555

Brenner’s is a full-service store for parties from small to gigantic. Related to two adjacent businesses, Exclusive Millinery and the Saugus Shoe Bam, the trio becomes your complete outfitter for weddings, banquets, and just about any kind of celebration.

From party favors and cake decorating to invitations, banners, and aisle runners, the folks at Brenner’s will work with you to help plan just what you’ll need. The prices are very reasonable, leading to the long list of regular customers on the North Shore. Open seven days a week, including Thursdays until 9 P.M.

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This is the site where the SS Cydonia was wrecked in September 1916. The remains of the Cydonia are well dispersed across a wide area among the rocks and boulders, some 200 metres out, on the north side of Castlehead Rocks. Her two boilers are still there just off the reef, standing upright among twisted steel framework, steel plates and masses of iron pipes. The wreck belonged to Peter McCrieth, who was one of the Berwick Fisheries Officers until he moved down south a few years ago. Peter was also a diver and, before he retired from his sport diving, he spent some time over a number of years salvaging the wreck with one of his buddies. Quite a substantial amount of it still remains, even though it is well broken up and hidden under a thick covering of kelp It makes an excellent rummage dive, especially at low, slack water, because, although the site is fairly shallow, the tidal streams are very strong and become even stronger the further out you go. A small ship’s boiler lies on top of the reef, halfway along Castlehead Rocks, which possibly belonged to the steam trawler James B. Graham. There are other small pieces of wreckage here and there, but nothing to indicate that this is a wrecksite, because the boiler is nearly certain to have been rolled in by the sea. The reef itself is very big and has numerous large boulders lying up against the northern edge.

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