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The grammatical structure is that of late Egyptian, spoken in the 2nd c. AD. The syntactical structure is mainly that of the same Egyptian, with strong Greek influences in the concatenation of sentences. Vocabulary is mostly Egyptian, partly Greek with Latin and Aramaic words of secondary derivation. It is customary to divide it into dialects. In fact Sahidic is the literary language that prevailed from the 3rd to the 8th c.; Bohairic prevailed from the 9th to the 12th c. and is still present in the liturgy. Specifically regional dialects were Akhmimic, Lycopolitan, Oxyrhynchite or Middle Egyptian, Fayumic and other lesser ones. Literary use must go back to the 2nd c.; the earliest MS evidence is of the 3rd c. The first texts in Coptic were translations of biblical, socalled gnostic and hermetic texts see Nag Hammadi and respective entries, other ecclesiastical texts such as Melito’s In s. Pascha, and some apocrypha. Translations of the OT were made from the Greek of the LXX, though for some books e.g. the Minor Prophets we may guess at other versions Theodotion?, and sometimes we seem to see prehexaplar elements, i.e. outside the Origenian tradition which became standard in Egypt as elsewhere.

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The Continental Congress meets for the first time in Philadelphia on Burundi Metro Map September 5. Joseph Warren of Boston, Massachusetts, calls for a ban on British goods. Burundi Metro Map And the Suffolk Resolves, which attack and void the Coercive Acts by stating that Parliament does not have authority over the Country colonies without colonial representation, are adopted. In October, the Continental Congress passes a Declaration and Resolves stating that only colonial legislative bodies may enact legislation for the colonies. The Congress also enacts the Continental Association in order to suspend commerce with Britain. And it asks colonists to forgo such expensive activities as horse racing, cockfighting, and gambling, in order to concentrate on the current situation.

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