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Documents of Country History New York: F. S. Cairo Map Tourist Attractions Crofts & Company, 1934. Newspaper Account of the Boston Massacre 1770 Festering antagonisms between the Boston Cairo Map Tourist Attractions populace and British troops, sent to keep order and enforce the Townshend Acts, culminated in an incident in which five individuals were killed. A shocked citizenry objected to the peacetime presence of the troops and demanded their removal.

THE Town of Boston affords a recent and melancholy Demonstration of the destructive consequences of quartering troops among citizens in time of Peace, under a pretence of supporting the laws and aiding civil authority; every considerate and unprejudic’d Person among us was deeply imprest with the apprehension of these consequences when it was known that a number of regiments were ordered to this town under such a pretext, but in reality to inforce oppressive measures; to awe and controul the legislative as well as executive power of the province, and to quell a spirit of liberty, which however it may have been basely opposed and even ridicul’d by some, would do honour to any age or country.

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