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Negro Act. See Stono Rebellion. New England Confederation. Cairo Map In 1643, representatives of the colonies of Massachusetts Bay, Plymouth, Connecticut, and New Haven Cairo Map met in Boston and adopted a written constitution to create a league for mutual safety and welfare. The primary purpose of the league was the coordination of defense and the settlement of boundary disputes. Each colony was to manage its own internal affairs.

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1 This chapter employs a variety of terms to describe two halves of the world. West is the agent of colonization that occurred from the fifteenth century. East is the region where much mass-manufacture now occurs as part of global trade. First and Third Worlds are conventional terms for regions based on industrial or traditional economies, though this can be replaced by more neutral terms global North and South. The relation between city and village parallels this difference, though village here is understood broadly as a place where products emanate. This certainly includes much craftwork and agriculture, though many villagers now work in factories particularly in southern China.

2 The phrase race to the bottom’ is used to describe situations where competition between labour markets leads each to undercut their standards. For example, The examples of China and Mexico show just how much the international competition among nations of the South influences their workers’ well-being. And this race to the bottom affects people elsewhere in the developing world who hold jobs in those sectors.’ (Ross and Chan 2002: 12).

3 For example, an Indonesian company Pelugada has been established with artisans to take commissions from foreign artists and designers (Pelugada 2011).

4 Murray (2010) involves a parallel assessment of three examples in creative collaboration, which points to a need for critique. This chapter develops that further by constructing models for examining different paradigms of craft outsourcing.

5 There are some cases where developmentalist models are disguised as something else. The New York fashion house Suno celebrates Kenyan culture in its garments made from kanga. But the only direct Kenyan involvement in this product is the garment assembly. The clothes are designed and cut in New York, and their materials sourced from vintage kangas already in circulation.

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