Centre Ski and Sports US Map & Phone & Address

Centre Ski and Sports US Map & Phone & Address

1193 Centre St. Newton; (617)332-0300 From a small, seasonal business, owner Peter Lieberman has built up a year-round neighborhood shop that’s as strong on service as it is on prices. He focuses on skiing, of course downhill, cross-country, and snowboarding as well as bicycling and rollerblading in summer.

It’s a deceptively small place; Peter’s got merchandise stashed in basements all over Newton. This allows him to give shoppers more money-saving options than even the big chains. You can, for example, purchase brand-new skis at prices that match any competitor; save a straight 50% off retail on last year’s models, many still plastic-wrapped; or pick up a super deal on used skis, with a vast selection in for every age from kids on up.

And here’s one Mine has never seen before: You can also lease a complete setup skis, boots, bindings, and poles at a flat rate for the season. This is especially smart for kids, who can trade up to a bigger size anytime. The store gives free adjustments, using a clever gizmo that simulates skiing moves, to get a perfect fit of footgear.

When the warmer weather hits, CS & S has skates from Rollerblade and Oxygen, a strong but less-expen-sive line. You can also rent these, or check the limited stock of used blades. And Peter won’t let you leave the store until you know everything you need to about the use and care of your skates.

In road and mountain bikes, the store deals mainly in Fuji, whose high-quality bicycles are priced far less than comparable models by Trek and the like. A Fuji Supreme 21-speed, with index shifting and a lightweight alloy frame, goes for $279.

That includes a lifetime warranty, and your first tune-up here is free.

Plus car racks, clothing, and all the accessories you could possibly need for these activities. TTie store also accepts trade-ins for credit toward anything they carry. Open seven days a week, including weeknights til 7 or 8 P.M.

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