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A Winter Camp

For a century, backwoodsmen, trappers, and prospectors have used a traditional canvas tent. They bring a woodstove into the tent as soon as the first frost has occurred. Made of light galvanized metal, it is used both for cooking and drying out equipment. In the wintertime, the stove becomes indispensable.

The tree is stripped of its, branches on one side.

Another system, which I do not recommend, is for the ridgepole to pass under the tent fabric.

Three stripped trunks provide support for the tent.

The snaw is tamped down with snowshaes far a good ten minutes.

The woodstove.

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In 1884 the owner was C. O. Scharins Soner, Umea. Umea Nya Angfartygs AB, Umea was the registered owner in 1892. On 6 June 1893 she was taken over by Umea Nya Angfartygs A/B, Stockholm and a new boiler was fitted. On 4 October 1900 the Uman ran aground on Renholmsgrundet, outside Umea, and was so badly damaged that she sank the following day. In August 1901 the vessel was salvaged but at such high cost that the owners were forced to relinquish ownership of the vessel to the insurance company, who repaired and rebuilt her as a cargo ship. On 29 August 1902, she was purchased by Johan Emil Lofgren of Umea. She was sold to Carl Georg Bayard of Stockholm on 27 July 1903. In 1904 Angfartygs A/B Uman (Hjalmar Blomberg), Stockholm was the owner.

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