Costa Adeje Tenerife Spain Tour Of Beach And Resort

Hi and welcome to this post. In this post I want to give you a look around the Costa Adeje in Tenerife. If you have already been here, a great way to see it all again. If you are planning a holiday here, a great way to see what to expect. In the next few minutes I will give you a full tour of the beaches, restaurants, shops,.. and everything else there is to see here in the Costa Adeje. So here i am driving to the Playa del Duque, my favorite beach here in the area, from there I will be biking back past all the beaches this resort has to offer. Here you can see the Playa del Duque behind me, this is really one of the nicest beaches here in the area.

Costa Adeje Tenerife Spain Tour Of Beach And Resort Photo Gallery

Here I am moving over to the next beach, the Playa Fanabe or Fanabe beach. This is also a great beach, much more touristy tho, but that offers also many more bars and restaurants next to it to choose from. So as you can see a lot more touristy and much bigger, busier. Some people might prefer this, it really depends on what you like. This is the ending of the Fanabe beach, there is one more beach I wanna show you here in Costa Adeje, Playa La Pinta, I am biking over there now. So here behind me is the Playa La Pinta. There are many restaurants and bars to explore here, also look a bit in the back and in the higher levels here, they of course are somewhat cheaper than the ones direct on the front line. Here is the harbour of Costa Adeje, from here you can do a lot of water sports as well as go dolphin and whale reading and many more excursions. If you enjoyed this post, then feel free to comment to the blog to find more of my posts covering nightlife, best hotels and many more things in Costa Adeje. I also have other posts covering holidays in Tenerife and the rest of Spain.

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