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495 Beacon St, Boston; (617) 262-7371

Crossroads, near Kenmore Square, is a local watering hole that also serves up a varied menu of sandwiches and dinners. There are several good beers on tap, including Bass, Guinness, and New Castle Brown Ale, as well as Woodpecker Cider. The clientele is a mix of students and professionals, and the atmosphere is divey but comfortable.

Create your own pizzas, starting from $4.50 for one person and $7.50 for two. Toppings, include bacon, pepperoni, meatballs, sausage, and more. The appetizer combination platter gives you buffalo wings, potato skins, chicken or buffalo fingers, and mozzarella sticks for $6.25. The chalkboard always lists a half-dozen daily specials, such as a pork chop dinner ($5.95) or a mixed grill offering with steak tips and chicken fingers ($6.25), served over rice with vegetables. There are various hot sandwiches, such as barbecued beef ($4.95), all of which include your choice of soup, onion rings or hand-cut French fries. Burgers, $4.95, are nice and big, made from fresh beef; for an extra 500 each you can top them with bacon, cheese, chili, or other items.

The decor is a crossroads of Irish pub and college frat house; the crowd can get a bit rowdy at times.

Still, the joint is a neighborhood institution, and the food is pretty good.

Open daily.

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