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Irish Studies Summer School, at usit NOW, New York Student Center, 895 Amsterdam Ave. New York, NY 10025, USA («212-663-5435; 7-week program offering courses in Irish culture and history.

National University of Ireland, Galway, University Rd. Galway (®091 524 411; Offers half- and full-year opportunities for junior-year students who meet the college’s entry requirements. Summer school courses offered July-Aug. include Irish studies, education, and creative writing.

Queen’s University Belfast, University Rd. Belfast BT7 INN (International Office ®028 9033 5088; Study abroad in Belfast for a semester or year. 4-week Introduction to Northern Ireland program in Jan. covers the political, social, and eco nomic questions unique to the North.

Trinity College Dublin, Office of International Student Affairs (sOl 608 2011, ext. 2683; Offers a 1-year program of undergraduate courses for visiting students. University College Cork, Students from around the world are encouraged to enroll through Cultural Experiences Abroad, 1400 E. Southern Ave. Ste. B-108, Tempe, AZ 85282, USA (®800-266-4441;, for semester- or year-long pro grams in various disciplines.

University College Dublin, International Summer School, Newman Mouse, 86 St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin (®01 475 2004; Offers a 2- week international summer course examining Irish culture and tradition.

University of Ulster, Shore Rd. Newtownabbey, Antrim, BT37 OQB, Northern Ireland (®08 700 400 700; Offers semester- or year-long programs for visit ing international students.

That he did not think it a trifling Performance, or Best country to visit in december he would not have taken the Trouble, &c. since he himself freely says, that Best country to visit in december the many new, good and just Thoughts contain’d in it, made him willingly undertake the Task enjoin’d him. Besides that it is not clear he could have refus’d to obey the Command he received, whatever might have been his private Sentiments. The Ship I intended to forward these Papers by to Mr. Collinson, has stay’d much longer than I expected, and now I am told will not sail before the End of next Month, so that I may possibly receive your Directions concerning this propos’d Alteration before she sails. I find I was not wrong in my Apprehensions that your Book would be incorrectly printed.

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