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CONSTANTIUS III, emperor d. 421. Native of Naissus, acclaimed emperor of the pars Occidentis of the Roman Empire on 8 February 421, a colleague of Honorius from 421. Earlier, as an able magister utriusque militiae, he was marked out by military successes against usurpations in Gaul and Spain; in 417 he married Honorius’s sister Galla Placidia, freed from the Visigoths among whom she had been long held hostage and whose king Ataulf she had married; in 418 he concluded a peace treaty with the Visigoths, allowing them to settle in Aquitania secunda. The future emperor Valentinian III was born to him and Galla Placidia in 419. Died 2 September 421. CONSTITUTIONS of HIPPOLYTUS epitome SC 260, 284 as a model ascetic and champion of Christian virtue and was venerated from antiquity as the patron saint of Aquino. He lived in the 6th c.; during his episcopate probably between 542 and 584 he sent a cleric to St. Benedict to be exorcised Dialogues II, 16: SC 260, 184-186; on the political scene he saw the Goth Totila cede power to the Greek general Narses, and then to the Longobard Lombard Autari. In the Benedictine cenobium he knew Sabinus of Canosa, St. Benedict and perhaps also Victor of Capua, to whom he seems to have turned for the compilation of a Comes, a sort of lectionary for the liturgical use of his church Morin. Gregory the Great tells how, shortly before his death during the pontificate of John III 561–574, Constantius predicted the sad fate of his city, decrying in the modest moral stature of his successors the termination of the episcopal see, the arrival of plague and the Longobard domination Dialogues III, 8,1-2: SC 260, 284-286.

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1680 In response to a crackdown on indigenous religious practice and Damman Metro Map increased efforts at conversion, the Pueblo peoples, under the leadership of the shaman Popé, rise Damman Metro Map up against and nearly vanquish the Spanish in New Mexico. The surviving Spaniards flee to El Paso and points south, while New Mexico reverts to native control for a decade. 1682 Pennsylvania is established on the Delaware River by the wealthy Quaker William Penn as a haven for his co-religionists. Quakers have been widely persecuted in both England and New England for their radical beliefs. Penn’s liberal 1682 Frame of Government declares a policy of religious toleration and respect for local tribes as well. In this way, Penn hopes to set his “holy experiment” apart from the failures that have wracked other English colonial projects.

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