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Uptown is the best place to begin exploring City, making it a natural choice when choosing a hotel. The diversity of accommodations also makes Uptown appealing for budget travelers and luxury lovers alike. Most of the hotels in Uptown have on-site parking and valet services for guests, but there is an extra charge for these services. Staying anywhere in Uptown is convenient for visiting all the neighborhood attractions as well as exploring the rest of the city.

Historic homes-turned-inns offer a unique glimpse into the history of the Queen City. These former fine residences in Myers Park, Dilworth, and Plaza Midwood have been restored to their original grandeur and operate as some of the most luxurious accommodations in the city. The inns are situated alongside private residences in City’s most prominent neighborhoods. Although the most popular sights are a few miles away, the beauty of the neighborhoods makes them worth exploring.

University City has one of the greatest concentrations of hotels in the city. The chain hotels in this area are often less expensive than their counterparts in Uptown and just a short drive from all of the major sights and attractions, making the area a good option for budget travelers. Hotels on the outskirts of town are more apt to offer amenities like swimming pools.


Visit City ( is an excellent resource for additional listings, hotel descriptions, links for reservations, and discount offers.

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