These are some of Mine’s favorite playgrounds. Keep an open mind about this vast subculture of places that have sprung up to sell anything that has not sold in retail stores. For basic necessities and splurges you’d never make at full-price, they can be lots of fun. And you may be amazed at what hidden, brand-name treasure may await you down the next aisle!

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Adventures A Bargain Store

• 208 Waverly St. Framingham;(508) 875-9798

• 660 Main St, Walpole; (508) 660-3111

With its “Indiana Jones”-type sign out front, this store sets itself up as a wacky sort of place. Mine kept looking out for that giant ball to start chasing him up and down the aisles, but he escaped unharmed. Not before scooping up some closeout deals, though, on things like an Orlando Magic NBA sweatshirt for $9.99, an Anchor-Hocking two-quart glass casserole dish for $6.99, and a batch of greeting cards, all sold at 50% off the printed price. Near these, a sign read, “Wrapping Paper $1, Anyone?” They do try to have fun here, giving the place a personal touch.

Adventures really comes off as something like a mini-Building 19. In addition to the clothing and housewares, you’ll always find a big selection of toys and games, hardware, car care supplies, low-grade furniture (unfinished solid pine picnic tables, $70, early in the season), canned and packaged foods, gardening stuff, and more. Everything here is new, in a mix of well-known and unknown brands. But if you keep your receipt, you can always get your money back within ten days. Open Mondays through Saturdays from 9-9, Sundays from 12-6.

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