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CORIPPUS, Flavius Cresconius 6th c.. Epic poet born in the first decade of the 6th c. perhaps near Carthage. After being a grammaticus and composing Georgics in the manner of Virgil, in 533 he moved to Carthage, where, ca. 550, he composed the Iohannis seu de bellis Lybicis, an epic poem in 8 books of 6,667 verses, on the war of the Romans against the Vandals of Africa. The poem was influenced by Virgil’s Aeneid, e.g. in the portrayal of the magister militum John Troglita, conqueror of the Moors; as a historical source, it is no less important than Procopius’s Bellum vandalicum. The success of this poem led to Corippus being called as scriniarius or notarius to Justin II’s court at Byzantium, where he eventually fell into disgrace and died in poverty, perhaps shortly before 568. At Byzantium Corippus composed, on the model of Claudian, the poem In laudem Iustini minoris in 4 books, in honor of the emperor. This must be considered a genuine panegyric, though its tones and epic motifs transcend the classical model fixed by the rhetor Menander. Emulation of the classical poets is prominent in these works, but echoes of Juvencus, Prudentius, Sedulius and other Christian authors are present, as are Christian ideas and motifs such as the frequent prayer to God, e.g. John’s to Jesus Joh. I,151; IV,269- 284; V,42; VI,100; VII,88-103; VIII,215 and 341-353, Justin’s to the Creator In laud. Iu. II,11-42 and the empress Sophia’s to Mary op. cit. II,52-69, and in book IV of the panegyric op. cit. 294-311, the expression of the dogmas of the Trinity and the incarnation in accordance with the Nicene Creed.

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1749 John Cleland’s novel Fanny Hill includes lesbian sex, but suggests it as a way that women might prepare for heterosexual intercourse in marriage. Other books, such as The Ladies’ Dispensatory (1740), offer sexual advice, usually cautioning that lesbianism, like masturbation, could lead to health problems or even death. Dubai Subway Map Although male homosexuality is well documented and severely punished for its perceived betrayal of the male gender role, female homosexuality is not considered to be such a threat and is rarely documented.

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