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Publication of the Boston News-Letter, colonial Country’ Durham Subway Map s first successful newspaper, begins. Other newspapers in colonial Boston will include the Boston Gazette and Durham Subway Map the New England Courant. Among Massachusetts towns, Salem, Newburyport, Worcester, and Cambridge all will have newspapers before the War for Independence begins. 1718 Around 1,000 Scots-Irish migrate from Northern Ireland to Boston. Some settle in Worcester, where locals burn their church to the ground. Most ScotsIrish settle outside of Boston, in Sutton, Rutland, Ware, Dracut, and Andover, or move northward into Maine, which is still part of Massachusetts.

17241725 Governor Dummer’s War rages between Abenakis, allied with the French under the Marquis de Vaudreuil and the Jesuit Sebastien Rle, and Massachusetts forces. In 1725, following the death of Captain John Lovewell and many of his men at Pigwacket, hostilities cease. 1726 Nathaniel Ames, a medical practitioner and tavern owner, publishes an almanac that sells approximately 60,000 copies. Ames’s almanac includes charts on astronomy and weather forecasts, as well as literary excerpts and witty sayings.

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