What to Eat in New York

Sandwiches. Served on white, rye. pumpernickel or wholewheat bread, a roll or a bagel (doughnut-shaped rolls) or the new favourite, pita, Arab flat bread. Classic fillings include chicken, tuna and egg salads; i lox (smoked salmon) and cream cheese, a delicious Jewish speciality served on a bagel; chopped liver or pastrami (a kind of cured beef), also Jewish specialities; club sandwiches-three slices of toast filled with lettuce, tomato, bacon and

Picknickers enjoy Central Park’s f green escape from city’s uproar.

Sometimes cheese, very high and very hard to get into your mouth; the hot dog, usually served with sauerkraut or fried onions and mustard, was invented in New York; hamburgers, the national dish, generally much bigger and better than their British equivalents; and grilled cheese, plain or with bacon or tomato.

Soups. These days many Americans will lunch on soup rather than a hamburger, and more and more small restaurants include soups on the menu. Vichyssoise (don’t let the name mislead you, it’s an American dish) is a chilled concoction of leeks and potatoes and onions; chili con carne, often served as a soup, is in fact a substantial and spicy stew of kidney beans, ground beef, onions and tomatoes.

Salads. Most consist of lettuce, carrots, tomato and cucumber, always chilled. You will be offered a choice of dressings: French, Thousand Islands (mayonnaise, ketchup, hard-boiled egg), Russian (mayonnaise and chili sauce), Italian (oil, vinegar, garlic and herbs) or Roquefort. You can always ask for plain oil and vinegar.

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