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Located in the heart of the district, near the most popular entertainment sites, 5 minutes away from the International Border and 15 minutes from the Airport. There are 103 rooms with either one king or two double beds.

The Game Plan :

The red light district is called La Coahuiiila, located in the city of Tijuana in the zona norte. Like all districts, the names of the clubs will change, but the layout remains the same. Avoid the strip clubs down here. The clubs you’re visiting resembling a disco, with DJ or a band. The girls are fairly easy to spot. Look for the ones who make eye and hand contact with your crotch, should take about 3 seconds. Be patient, and find something worth remembering. There are short time hourly motels in the area.

Now, like any RLD, there are outstanding clubs in a safe area, and numerous more in seedy and rougher areas. You should confine your search to the two best clubs, Adelita’s, and the Chicago Club. Strolling around aimlessly and drunk will open up the door to potential trouble. As always, you will be approached by local scammers who have the inside scoop on where to go. These would be the Mexican guys with tequila-stained shirts and puke on their breath, looking like outcasts from the Three Amigos. Ignore all offers, no need to make this complicated and dangerous. If you’re bored, tell him you’re Billy the Kid’s great grandson and you’re interested in a standoff.

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The Adelita Bar is on the south side of Calle Coahilla, which is the street that runs parallel to Calle Primera (first Street). A dance floor setup, with

the music being tejano. The girl’s are found lined up in the bar area, with the best in the back right section.

Adelita’s has an incredible display on some nights, literally some 8’s and 9’s. Dates here are around $ 40-60. This will get you 30 minutes give or take, in the short time room upstairs, which will cost an additional $11. Be very clear in your negotiations what you want. Most girls will try to speed you up so as to return downstairs. They clubs prefer the in-house set up, if you want to take them to your hotel, the bar fines are pretty steep, in the $80-100 range plus the cost of the girl.

Chicago Bar

The Chicago Club is located on the east side of Avenida Constitucion, half a block north of Calle Coahilla. The setup is also a disco, with the music being mostly techno. Short time hotel next door, girls ask for a little more here, in the $60-80 range, just negotiate like a prick and you’ll knock of 20 at a minimum. Expensive lady drinks here, $ 8.

Bounce from one club to the other until you find the lucky winner. When you’re done, get a $ 5 cab and go to the border, do not attempt to walk out of the zone to the border.

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