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Among the three pairs of saints set in different geographical areas, at different times and with different liturgical feasts there is nonetheless a strong tendency to intersect. Among mixed legends are the Acta siriaca BHO 210; Bedjan, VI, 107-119; Brit. Mus. Addit. 14644, which joins features of the Passio Romana with the Asiatica; the Coptic-Arabic legend; John Malalas’s Chronicle; the anonymous Byzantine Passio BHG 373d and the paraphrase of John Xiphilinus, which has reached us in a Georgian translation Luongo, 43-44 and 59-62. The Syriac legend, prior to the 5th c. is probably one of the first rings in an uninterrupted chain of traditions, which rests on some historical data which cannot be doubted. Cosmas and Damian lived between the 3rd and 4th c. and were doctors and anargiri; persecuted, they confessed the faith. Even if they died a natural death, they were in fact compared to martyrs. Their cult and relics spread simultaneously from Cirrestica in Syria to many cities large and small, with the consequent flourishing of a whole literature about them, focused on the need to exorcise sickness and suffering through faith Delehaye, Saints et reliquaires d’Orient, 138; van Esbroeck, La diffusion, 61-77. The Libellus miraculorum records the miracles which occurred at the sanctuary of Constantinople.

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As a result, there quickly arose a deep intolerance for those whose ideas threatened the Puritan utopia envisioned by Winthrop and his followers. Egypt Subway Map For example, Anne Hutchinson’s Scripture study meetings were initially greeted with approval by Winthrop and the Puritan fathers as a useful way of instructing the women who attended. As word of Hutchinson’s gatherings spread and men began to attend with their wives, however, those in authority grew uneasy.

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