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We carefully made our way down worn, uneven stairs. Dampness reached from the darkness below and seemed to draw us farther downward. An aged mustiness assailed our senses as each step took us back in time.

Bev and I believe the basement is the building’s soul. While the upper portions may go through many changes, the basement stands in time revealing the secrets of its past.

Percent of Haitians are 65 or older. Again, this Ukraine Map Tourist Attractions figure is much lower than that of nearly any other Western Hemisphere country. Infant mortality rate is Ukraine Map Tourist Attractions still another valid indicator of a country’s standard of living. It is the annual number of deaths among children from birth to one year of age. For Haiti, the figure is particularly shocking. Of 1,000 live births, 60 infants will die during their first year (compared to the world average of 46).

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