Esbjerg Denmark Map

County: Ribe amt.

Altitude: sea level. Population: 80,000. Postal code: DK-6700. Telephone code: 05. N Esbjerg Turistbyra,

Skolegade 33; tel. 12 55 99.

British Consulate,

Grimsbyvej; tel. 13 08 11.

HOTELS. Britannia, Torvet, 67 Olympic, Strandbygade 5, 176 Bang’s Hotel, Torvet 21, 55 Esbjerg, Skolegade 31, 70 Ansgar Missionshotel, Skolegade 36, 90 Bell Inn, Skolegade 45, 60 Paads, Skolegade 14, 77 Korskroen, 11 km (7 miles) NE at the junction of A1 and A11, 23 b„ SP. YOUTH HOSTEL CAMP SITE.

RESTAURANTS. Sands Restaurant, Skolegade 60; Den rode Okse, Tarphagevej 9.

The life of Esbjerg, Denmark’s fifth largest town, revolves around its harbour, the construction of which was begun in 1868. It is the most important Danish North Sea port (export of agricultural produce, passenger and vehicle ferry connections with Britain and the Faeroes) and the country’s largest fishing port. It is now also the base of Danish exploration for oil and natural gas in the North Sea. The town received its municipal charter only in 1898.

SIGHTS. From the Water-Tower in the public gardens overlooking the harbour there are fine views. Adjoining the tower is the Art Gallery (1962: modern Danish art). On the quay of the fishing harbour stands the Fish Auction Hall, 225 m (740 ft) long (first auction at 7 a.m. on weekdays). Along the seafront to the NW is the interesting Fishery and Shipping Museum (1968), with a salt-water aquarium and a seal pool (1976). To the N of the mid-town is the modern Trinity Church (1961), with a large mosaic window. Beyond it lies the idyllic Vogns-bolpark and to the E, on Kirkevej (A1), is Jerne church, which is mentioned in the records in 1306.

SURROUNDINGS. From the harbour it is a 20 minutes’ trip in the car ferry to the offshore island of Fan© (area 55 sq. km (21 sq. miles), pop. 2800). The chief place on the island is the fishing village of Nordby on the E coast (KrogSrden, 19 Nordby, 24 b.), with a local museum and an 18th c. church (models of ships as votive offerings). 3 km (2 miles) SW is the attractive swimming resort of Vesterhavs-

bad (Hotel Kongen ag Danmark, 90 Golf Hotel, 40 Kellers, 30 Fan© Bad, 90 Vesterhavet holiday resort, with houses for 6-8 persons, SP and SB; several camp sites). It has a beautiful sandy beach, on which it is possible to drive to the picturesque village of Sonderho (Sonderho Kro, 14 Sonderho, 14 camp site), 17 km (10 miles) away at the southern tip of the island. The village has well-preserved old houses and a modest little church with many old models of boats.

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