Food for Saudi Arabia

The Saudi people usually have their biggest meal in the middle of the afternoon. At this time they have meat such as beef, chicken, or lamb. They also eat rice, vegetables, fruit, pita bread, and salad. Saudis love to drink rich coffee. Some people have it at every meal.

At other meals, Saudis also enjoy eggs, cheese, beans, and soup. Much of the food Saudis eat comes from other countries.


One of the oldest pastimes in Saudi Arabia is camel racing.

Camels in these races can go as fast as 25 miles per hour! Saudis also like horse racing.

In recent years, sports from other nations have become popular. Soccer and basketball are especially popular. Many Saudis enjoy gymnastics, swimming, and track and field. Watching television programs from around the world is also a common pastime.

A Saudi boy practices soccer at his school playground.

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