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Hello guys about to leave keys up right now, I’m taking a overnight train to Aswan, and then, I’m going to be taking another train to Luxor we’re excited to travel to another place in Egypt finally. Because I’ve been in Giza for a while just kind of relaxing. So yeah let’s go the night train to us one I think it is a 12-hour right I got a first-class seat or just. Because at all I have gotten into a swan didn’t see much of the town yet. Because I just basically walked out of the train station got to my hotel here which is just a pretty normal little room tomorrow I am going to symbol that is kind of the main thing that people do when they visit us one even though it is a couple hours outside of the city, I’m gonna go see you kind of the sights of the city tonight, and see what I come across walking by the waterfront right now with all these boats on the Nile the Nile here is so much bluer than it is in Cairo in Cairo it’s a little brown. But here the Nile is bright blue it’s really pretty it’s also a lot hotter here than it was in Giza I think, I’m gonna take a boat across the Nile to a nubian village supposedly that’s fun thing to do here on the boat now happy guy all of these little island excited about tentacle garden, and on this side is elephantine island the biggest island pick the boat to the Nubian beach here are all the boats down there the sand is so nice, and clean just feels. So nice, and it’s almost sunset. So it’s gonna be really beautiful up there is a nubian style hotel, and then over that way is where the actual nubian villages that we’re going to this is just. So pretty and, I’m actually gonna go, and walk in the Nile right now I took a private boat which I didn’t need a private boat. But there was no one to go with me, and it wasn’t that expensive. So that’s what I did whereas before in the nubian village with all of those shops. So beautiful.

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But that’s kind of the touristy area of the town the town does a lot of tourism now, I’m outside of there where the people actually live just some houses, and sand very deep sand I can see why they use camels and, I’m gonna climb up be a view of the city or the town, I’m not an easy hike up here. But look at that this is the entire nubian village the Nile you can see the town of Aswan in the background, and over there you can see the old, and the new Dam not sure if you can see it. But it’s there this is amazing, and they have a soccer field over there they’re playing soccer it’s almost sunset this is just. So so beautiful Wow I came back down. So awesome. So glad I found this place a local showed me that’s always the best all blue I just bought some mint tea I did not intend to buy anything. But the guy I knew how to sell it he made me smell it, and yeah then I just had to come up to a rooftop where people drink tea sounds good to me has it you overlooking the town.

But the place that I just couldn’t find up to is up there way better. But, I’m lucky for drinking tea here this is such a beautiful view as well well the tea was amazing still up on the rooftop, and all the lights have turned on and. So beautiful I wasn’t thinking that I would come here. But, I’m really glad that I did. Because this place is so awesome. So the town is commonly known to tourists as the nubian village.

But its real name is west of Zupan, and it is on the Nile some of the talent looks really old, and historic. But it’s actually not it was built about 16 years ago, and the people that live here actually had lived where the dam was, and then when they built the dam they all had to be relocated. So they moved here, and decided to kind of set up this touristy place for tourists to come, and make money off of tourism. So that is this place now just lovely well I have got back for the night to my hotel after a great evening walking back I was walking around here at night, and it was fine I felt completely safe just walking the streets at night I noticed that Aswan is a lot cleaner than Giza Cairo area the air smells fresher it’s also definitely hotter here. So yeah cool to see another city in Egypt, and also really looking forward to going to Abu Simbel tomorrow morning I actually have to get up like at 3:00 a.m..

Because at 3:30 a group of people is leaving for the temple it’s a few hours outside of this town. So yeah this is one of the spots to see in Egypt. So really looking forward to it pretty tired I did not get much sleep on the train. Because it was very cold. So yeah, I’m just gonna go to sleep it’s like 9:00. But, I’m just gonna go to sleep in Phoenix.

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